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Please don't follow me if you're primarily a business.

Thank you.

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@aral You can't venture-capital your way out of a problem you venture-capitalled your way into in the first place.

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Folks: yes, venture capitalists and Silicon Valley gave us surveillance capitalism but now they say they’re sorry and want to give us the cure. Shouldn’t we just let them?

Me: “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” – Narcotics Anonymous, 1981.

Peace and quiet while I work. Rare :+D

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RT de Protest Stencil :

To facebook, you’re not a ‘friend’, you’re the product on sale.

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The kayak shelf, um, failed. No casualties except my ego.

I think I need to run some boards across it to better distribute the load, maybe add a third bracket. Siiiiigh

"We try our best to behave as a for-profit company would do in terms of timely response to security issues"

oh dear

First bit of proper DIY in a while. Kayak is too long for the garage, so I built it a little stand off the fence instead.

Fibreglass is UV-resistant so it should be fine like this. Might still get a little Arnold hat for it though.

I thnk this was Friday's sea kayaking trip (there and back again). I'm a bit fuzzy on where we finished, as I capsized at that bit. Again.

I've finally got a phone case so should be able to start recording actual GPS traces and using OSM soon!

A wild stuffed marrow appears!

(Actually not wild at all, I'm close to the bottom of this week's veg box though)

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"Information Civics:
Deconstructing the power structures of large-scale social computing networks"

By Paul Frazee

Twelve quid of vegetable from turriefield. This is easily the best thing in the world right now.

Do your worst, brexit!

Today in "proprietary software is bad":

The self-hosted HipChat option is gone. I know at least one company that's going to have to migrate to not-slack in a hurry. Wonder what they'll pick.

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More wetsuit love. This is how I swim

For comparison, here is a photo I took of the same little dude

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Posted without comment.

(From Teaching Tech Together. The author notes that that the prevalence of paywalls forces researchers to break the law.)

Shetland today, courtesy of a friend who can photograph things